About Yewtle

I write about my kids, my family, things we see, things we like, and video games. I like when people read what I write and think about the things I think about. This last part is where you come in.

My family is from all over the US. I started in the south, married a girl from New England, moved up and down the east coast, and now live outside of Los Angeles. My primary job, other than the one that provides my paycheck, is raising ass-kicking princesses. I have a JD, BS in Psychology, and an AS in Audio Engineering (don’t ask).

I used to actively practice as a trial lawyer but took a desk job. It’s challenging and rewarding but I do not post about it. Do not ask me legal questions because, even if I know the right answer without looking it up (which most lawyers do not), I will not tell you.

I love DC Comics and video games. I will tolerate Marvel, but only in the movie theaters. My oldest joins me (her current favorite is Starfire) and my wife occasionally watches an episode with us. I’m a Blizzard junkie, but currently only Overwatch and Hearthstone.

I respond to comments and emails. Comment away, drop an email to TUL@theuntiedlawyer.com, or do neither.