Site Revamp

I started a blog years ago in hopes of creating a forum for interesting, developing topics of criminal law and criminal justice reform accessible to laypeople. As it turns out, there are few of these and those that exist are boring. I never wrote. I switched practice areas entirely. I married my girlfriend of, at the time, nearly a decade and have had a couple kids. I play video games again and have been obsessed with Overwatch for years. The downtime during my day is spent thinking on these things, which leads me to want to write on them.

Facebook was brilliant, but is dying. This makes me sad as I specifically recall the excitement at W&L when we finally made the cut to get access back around 2005. It has served as a way to share my witticisms with friends and family, but after the data breaches and external manipulation, it’s on its way out. Fortunately, auto-renewing domain name registrations and web-hosting contracts are forever.


Kids are great. Each of us was a kid at some point, so even those without small clones running about sans pants can relate to an anecdote or two. Turns out they’re also a great topic on which to exercise a psych degree I happened to pick up while majoring in college. I’ll share what they care about, what they like, what I like they like, and the reasons why. Funny, personal stories are for their Nana and whomever I catch in the break room, but the opportunities and challenges of the modern parent will be on here. For example, my daughter relates life lessons to the morals espoused in episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender that we watch together regularly; Teen Titans Go! is utter trash.

Wives are great, I imagine. I throw in the caveat because I only have one and plan to keep it that way. I will chronicle much of our interactions, especially as they pertain to other topics on the site. We are private people, but she’s hilarious and lampoons me like no other. Her quotes will be legion.

Overwatch is great. No, really. It’s great. My kid goes to school with a Tracer backpack hanger and demands I wait on her to open the loot boxes I win. She knows all the words to No Mercy. I’m no pro but love the efforts Blizzard is making to have the community not be awful. I’ll write on OW, the Overwatch League, and probably link to videos that make me seem better than I actually play.

I will not write about my job or practice area. Even were attorney-client confidentiality and NDAs not a dominate issue, it’s not the point of all the effort. I might throw a post analyzing a politicized opinion or policy discussion as it relates to the main point of the page, but I highly doubt it. There’s enough of that on the comment section of Cousin Bubba’s latest meme post to keep everyone satiated.


Contact is fun. I’ve added my Twitter, Twitch, and Email below. Comments are great and make me miss other sites less. Try not to be too brutal with any game play critique. It took me a long time to climb out of silver.